Hospital Furniture

We are a renowned name in supplying a wide range of hospital furniture, beds, trolleys, stretchers, revolving stools, bedside tables, operation theatre tables, wheelchairs, crutches and walkers. - Hospital beds - [...]

Orthopaedic supports

The most important feature of any Rehabilitation Aid is its ability to provide maximum support without causing any further discomfort to a patient, already in pain.

Physical Therapy Products

Physical Therapy Products We Supply Physical Therapy Products to Clinics, Athletic Training Facilities and Home Users. Whether you’re a home user looking for your own ...

Blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure monitors Get the best in high-quality Blood Pressure Monitors, from a wide range of Digital Monitors to Manual Pressure Monitors, only at Orthodynamic ...

Icu medical equipment

Icu medical equipment Top-quality ICU and Operation Medical Equipment. Equipment used in the ICU varies from the general, such as instruments to measure blood pressure, to ...