Compression Stockings

Compression stockings help relieve a number of factors in both lower and upper limbs. In cases of varicose vein, they help to manage blood flow back to the heart. In addition, They help improve lymphatic drainage and are a mainstay of treatment for oedema. Moreover, Compression stockings help in the management of deep venous thrombosis that is caused by blood stasis. Graduated compression stockings come in different pressures designed to suit different conditions depending on the extent, severity and the underlying cause.

We are the suppliers of Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins.  We have both Below Knee and Above Knee styles of Medical Compression Stockings.  The class range from Class 1 to Class 2 and Class 3.  We have both Open Toe and Closed Toe styles of Compression Stockings.

Further, we are a multi-brand store with all top brands of Medical Stockings on our shelves such as Varimed, Medi, Comprezzone, Juzo, and others…

We have Medical Compression Stockings made of different materials such as Synthetic, Cotton rich, anti-microbial coated with the silver material and so on…

Apart from Varicose Stockings, we also have DVT stockings for DVT Prophylaxis.  DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is also called Economy Class Syndrome in Airline industry.  DVT stocking or DVT socks are worn by air passengers for long air travel.  TED Stockings is a popular brand used for preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis in hospitals, whereas the same is also used as Travel Socks by long air travel passengers.

Compression Stockings are prescribed by a physician to get relief from chronic venous diseases and prevent venous troubles such as tired or aching legs, oedema, chronic venous insufficiency, Deep Vein Thrombosis and varicose veins. Elastic Compression Stockings are also prescribed during Pregnancy as the expanding uterus can affect leg veins.

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In conclusion, Compression stockings are very useful. However, They may be hard to put on, and it may take you awhile to get used to wearing them all day. But if they fit right, they should be snug but comfortable. If you have problems wearing the stockings, be sure to talk to us.

Recommendation on How to wear Compression Stockings

Doctors often recommend that you wear the stockings during the day to help relieve symptoms.

  • For very mild symptoms, you may want to start out using regular support pantyhose, knee-highs, or knee socks (which end just above the calf, below the knee). You may find that this help to swell and to ache considerably. They are also less expensive than the special compression stockings a doctor prescribes, and they are available at most department stores or online.
  • For more serious symptoms, you may want to buy special compression stockings from a medical supply store (with a doctor’s prescription), where you can be fitted for them.