Lumbo Sacral Corsets

As you probably guessed, back braces are external devices that support the muscular and bony structures of your spine. An LSO, lumbo sacral orthosis, is a brace that specifically focuses on immobilizing and supporting your lumbar spine. The image to the right shows where the lumbo spine is located on your body.
Lumbo sacral back pain due to injuries and disorders is the culprit for low-back pain that affects countless people worldwide. Fortunately, BraceAbility offers a wide range of lumbo sacral orthosis (LSO) products from corset braces to belts to rigid back supports, including several L-Code approved back braces that can be reimbursed by your insurer.
BraceAbility also offers a variety of sizes for both men and women, with braces ranging from regular to plus size, designed to treat various sources of lumbo sacral pain.
Lumbosacral back braces are an essential component to the successful treatment of your spinal disorder. In the past, many spine patients were required to wear heavy plaster casts.
Fortunately, patients that must wear braces today benefit from lighter weight plastic braces that have been designed with the patient’s comfort in mind.
Although braces may require you to restrict some activities or form different habits, the support provided by LSO back braces will speed your healing and may prevent further injury.