Product Description

Air ring is an inflatable rubber ring used as a cushion to relieve pressure on prominent bony points (as in helping to prevent bedsores).

Made from high-grade surgical rubber, this inflatable air ring is an effective way to prevent pressure sores or help with their healing. Easily wiped clean, the ring can be inflated to different pressures to suit your requirements, Comes with mouth valve for quick inflation – fill to your preference for a custom fit… Conforms to the natural contours of the body, Clean with damp cloth. its Suitable for patients suffering from piles. Easy to inflate and Deflate until comfortable. Contains natural rubber hence Avoid putting under direct sunlight

CAUTION! Do not use the air ring as a long-term pressure relieving device. It will encourage the development of pressure sores instead. This item is used for piles or to assist to offset the localized pain.

Air ring usage

These air cushions are used for patients having tailbone and coccyx pain problems. These cushions are generally given to wheelchair users, pregnant women and old aged patients. They are soft, durable and easily relieve the pain by pressure point discomfort reduction.

These Air Cushions are made of puncture proof latex rubber and highly demanded by maternal nursing homes as they give utmost relief to the pregnant women.

Air ring can be used for piles support. Comfortable edge to slide over the ring while shifting from one to another place. High-pressure capacity, Doesn’t require a pump to inflate. Can use over a chair or cushion. Odour Free Hygienic Material, Free From Rubber Related Allergies, Provides Comfort & Gentle Support. Product Dimension: 40 cm/45. Note: This item is non-returnable. Air ring can be used for piles support. Buy piles cushion, air cushion, and air piles cushion, air cushions for piles, air cushions for haemorrhoid, pillow for haemorrhoid or piles

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