Product Description

Ankle weights seem like an easy way to increase the intensity of your workout. You just strap them on to walk, jog, jump or lift. As with dumbbells, strap-on weights provide a combination of cardiovascular and strength training, which helps build muscle. The added weight makes your muscles work harder, which can change the mechanics of your gait.

NOTE! Even if you don’t have joint problems, you should only use ankle weights for certain activities and not for every workout.

Ankle weights Features

Made of high-density thickening fabric, durable and steady.

Highly flexible compressed sponge interlining, for body protection and shock absorption.

Widen Velcro strip and mobilizable buckle, tighter and not easy to fall off.

It is an necessary equipment for physical fitness exercise training.

Adapted the newest composite material, with its novel design, beautiful shape, safe and comfortable to wear, convenient to use, it would be your best choice.

There is maybe some powder in the surface of the product in the process of products manufacturing, you just use a wet mop to wipe it clean.

Walking and similar exercises like hiking and jogging work the legs and burn calories.

Ankle weights Benefits

Increases your EnduranceAnkle weights do increase your overall endurance. This is because adding additional weight forces you to exert extra force than usual thus increasing your endurance and helping you with other benefits such as cardiovascular and pulmonary health.

Helps Tone Your LegsLeg raises without any resistance can shape your legs but to further enhance your workout you must add more resistance. Doing just more reps may not be as effective as you think they might be. To grow your muscles stronger, you must add weight. If you consistently workout with more weight you would eventually start seeing the leg shape you desire – Within some weeks.

You Burn A Lot More CaloriesAs you apply more force, you apply more energy and that makes your body burn more calories. This is overall more effective than doing the workout without any weights. Your body is already accustomed to the usual workout you do. Adding more weight forces your body to adapt to the added weight. If you are looking to lose weight this is a great way to help yourself. Various studies have backed that wearing weight to your ankles help you lose weight in lesser time.

Offers Versatility; Ankle weights also help you increase the variety and variability of your exercise. They can also be added to stationary exercises such as raises or leg lifts. And they can be helpful when you are jogging or walking.

Helps in Strengthening the Stems; Wearing weights on your ankle helps you strength muscles such as quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. It also helps you tone your thighs.

Ankle Weights help improve water workouts; They are becoming more and more popular and many swimmers use them to enhance their skills. The big advantage of using these is that they do not cause any damage to joints or any other issues for that matter.

Additionally, they also train you to jump higher. Many athletes are using them to improve their jump height.

Pro Tip: Start slowly and gradually increase weight.

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