Product Description

Arm Sling is a device used to support and keep still (immobilize) an injured part of the body. Slings can be used for many different injuries. Most often used when you have a broken (fractured) or dislocated arm or shoulder. A sling may help support the armrest the rotator cuff muscles. Long-term use of a sling is not advised, since it may cause significant stiffening of the shoulder joint, or a frozen shoulder, with complete loss of motion.

A few of the injuries and indications for arm sling include:

On application Gently pull the sling over your arm and elbow. It should fit snugly and comfortably around your elbow. Your hand should come to the very end of the sling. Make sure the end of the sling doesn’t cut into your wrist or hand; if you hand hangs down at your wrist, your sling may be too small.

What’s the Difference Between an Arm Sling and a Shoulder Immobilizer?

shoulder immobilizers have an extra strap running from the elbow around the back to the wrist, almost like a belt. This stabilizes the shoulder and prevents the arm from dropping away from the body when you lean or bend over. This stops the arm from “jumping” as you walk or bumped unexpectedly in public. Arm slings do not have this extra belt strap and simply have a strap that runs up the back, around the neck, and across the chest.

Arm Sling stops someone’s arm moving (immobilization) and protects it so it can heal. It’s also a useful warning to others that someone has an injury so they should be careful around them.

An arm sling holds someone’s forearm in a horizontal or slightly raised position. This gives support for:

•an injured upper arm

•an injured wrist or forearm

•someone who can bend their elbow

•someone with a rib fracture

After injury or surgery to the arm, shoulder or wrist, it’s crucial that the area is properly elevated and immobilized to allow proper healing to take place. The Arm Sling is designed to provide both of these, maintaining the upper arm in a raised position with adjustable straps to allow for the perfect arm angle for each user.

The Arm Sling is suitable for either the left or right arm and comes in different sizes

Since this sling will often be worn for long periods, comfort is key. That’s why it’s been made with breathable and soft nylon/foam, providing excellent wearability. These materials will allow the arm to breathe during the day, preventing excessive sweating and boosting comfort. Easy to apply with touch-and-close fastening, the Sling can be easily adjusted to the perfect angle of elevation for your arm and injury.

Features of an Arm Sling

  • Maintains the upper arm in a raised position
  • Provides effective arm immobilization
  • Suitable for use as a shoulder immobilizer
  • Adjustable straps for customized elevation
  • Made with breathable nylon/foam laminate material
  • Waist strap provides excellent arm stability
  • Simple application with touch-and-close fastening
  • Universal fit for both left and right arms
  • Washable at 40°C
  • Latex-free

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