Product Description

Bed screen also called privacy panels can shield an individual from others in a variety of settings involving healthcare, the military, education, or disaster relief. They may be self-standing and portable so they can be located wherever the need arises, or they may be stationary, and permanently attached to a ceiling. Orthodynamic Ltd is pleased to carry a variety of privacy screens and curtains from well-known and experienced vendors.

Bed screen, sometimes referred to as room partitions, allows the space in a room to be divided into areas or subsections. The use of room dividers, in some cases, has to do with a decorating theme for space. At other times, the reason for using a Bed screen is more functional than decorative. The folding Bed screen also called a privacy screen. It normally involves a series of panels that are hinged together and is free standing. Generally, a privacy screen has three or more panels, but some only have two panels for smaller areas. The panels are unfolded and positioned in a way that sections off part of a room. Bed screen can be used in bedrooms to create a changing area or to create a visual distinction between a living and sleeping space. Many privacy screens are used in healthcare, military, education, or disaster relief settings and scenarios to give people privacy from others, or from a crowd.

Why Use our Bed screen

One of the benefits of room dividers is the ability to manage sound in the space. For example, in an office setting, the partitions can separate a larger space into several work areas to help minimize the sounds created by the various employees in that space. While the effect is usually not as definitive as placing the employees in different rooms, the use of partitions helps make it possible to contain enough of the sounds so that employees are not distracted by each other.

Room dividers not only add functionality but can also add an element of visual interest to space. This can be true in any area they are used in. Partitions made of panels may be covered in print fabrics or painted with any type of design that suits its use. Both types of room dividers are available in a wide range of colours, making them more attractive and welcoming as part of the overall design.

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