Product Description

the bedpan is a receptacle used for the toileting of a bedridden patient in a healthcare facility and is usually made of metal or plastic. A bedpan can be used for both urinary and faecal discharge. Many diseases can confine a patient to bed, necessitating the use of Bedpan. Being bedridden for any length of time-whether due to injury, illness, or advanced age-presents a wide range of challenges. One of the most trying things can be figuring out how to accomplish basic personal tasks like using the restroom when you are unable to get up and walk about. Orthodynamic has a wide selection of bedpans and urinals that can help ease your burden.

To accomplish bowel movements when you are unable to make it to the bathroom, you may need to turn to either a bedpan or a portable toilet. There are two types of bedpans available from Orthodynamic. Standard bedpans resemble a typical toilet seat, and they should be used by individuals who are able to sit up in bed and lift their hips to place the unit underneath them. Fracture bedpans are designed for people who are unable to move their hips. They are slanted so that a caregiver can roll the patient onto their side, place the bedpan, and then roll them back onto it. Both styles of bedpans can be easily cleaned and disinfected after each use and then reused by the same patient.

Why buy a Bedpan

Bedpans make bowel movements and urination easier and more hygienic for people who cannot easily go to and from a bathroom due to illness, injury, or infirmity. If you are assisting someone with using a bedpan, whether in a professional capacity or as a friend or family member, you need to be emotionally sensitive and physically gentle. Positioning a bedpan may seem intimidating, but as long as you follow proper procedures, you should be able to complete it without a problem.

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