Product Description

Elbow crutches, also known as Forearm crutches are mobility aids that help to transfer the body’s weight from an injured leg/foot to the upper body.

Usually made of Aluminium, the user will slip their forearm into a cuff and then grasp a hand grip. This helps to reduce wrist pressure and maintain better posture and mobility control.

Instead of being positioned under the armpit, forearm crutches distribute weight in the arms.

The unique style of walking arm crutches is designed for comfort and convenience.

The smaller size and lighter build make them more portable for those able to use them.

Excellent for use during physical therapy and physical rehab,  forearm crutches can be much easier to use than walking crutches but do require more arm strength.

Who can use Elbow Crutches

Our crutches are usually aluminium, with a cuff at the top to go around the forearm and usually prescribed for people with shorter-term needs.

As a general rule, elbow crutches are used by people who can partially weight bear.

Both floors to handgrip height and the distance between the cuff and the hand grip are adjustable on double adjustable elbow crutches.

Single adjustable elbow crutches allow the floor to handgrip height adjustment only.

How to use

Position the cuff one to two inches below your elbow, around the thickest part of your forearm. Grip the handles firmly. Place the crutch tips one step in front of you while standing on your uninjured foot. Let your forearms and crutches take your weight as you swing your body forward.

Benefits of forearm crutches

Improved comfort
Ease of use
Prevention of axillary nerve damage or axillary nerve palsy
Provide a more neutral/natural (ergonomic) position of the hand and wrist
Improved agility and walking speed
Easier and safer to ascend and descend stairs
Improved posture
Allows for a variety of walking styles (gaits)
Improved stability over rough or uneven surfaces
Smaller and more compact for travel
Typically lighter in weight
Modern and aesthetically pleasing designs
Does not cause binding or wrinkling of clothing in the armpit

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