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What is a Hospital Bed Monkey chain

The Monkey Chain: is an ideal product for patients who need assistance in getting up and lying down in bed and is also known as a medical trapeze. The device is located over the head of a hospital bed that consists of a metal hanging triangle bar secured by a strong metal base connected either directly to the bed frame or the ceiling, providing the patient something secure to grasp and lift them self up when changing positions in bed or transferring out of the bed, and into a wheelchair or mobility device. Monkeys chain is very easy to attach to the head rail of hospital bed.

What is the Best Hospital Monkey chain?

Hospital Monkey chains are available in a variety of configurations and styles in order to fulfill the unique requirements of each individual user. Most designs consist of some type of bed or ceiling mounting apparatus along with a graspable bar that is attached with a heavy duty chain. Other types include free standing Monkey chain that are placed around and over the bed, but are not attached to the bed.

While the most common usage for a medical Monkey chain is to provide heightened mobility and leverage for a bedridden patient, they are also often utilized for physical therapy and rehabilitation purposes to help strengthen the torso, arms and upper body.

In order to determine the best hospital Monkey chain to fulfill your individual needs, it is important to understand the various configurations and designs available:

Free standing Monkey chain
As a stand-alone piece of specialized medical equipment, a free standing Monkey chain uses legs on the floor to provide stability. While many free standing designs feature the ability to also be connected to a headboard, many people choose the free standing format exactly because it is simpler to move to other areas. It slides easily into the desired position. This type is often utilized for physical therapy and other forms of exercise and strength training, and can be used while in bed, or from other surfaces, such as a wheelchair, or even the floor.

Free standing medical Monkey chain are highly adjustable and can be used for a variety of applications inclusive of transfers, movability in bed, exercise and rehabilitation. While they are typically lightweight for easier maneuverability and transport, they are also robust and durable in design, with bariatric models safely accommodating up to 1,000 pounds.

Ceiling mount Monkey chain
When floor space is minimal, an adjustable ceiling mounted medical Monkey chain is an excellent solution. This type does not require the bed to be placed away from the wall, as with free standing or bed mounted designs. Many ceiling mounted trapezes also slide away when not in use, so as not to obstruct views or reduce head space. While they can usually be mounted securely to virtually any kind of ceiling, it is highly recommended to consult local professionals to ensure that the mounting is installed correctly.

Bed mounted Monkey chain

As the most common type, adjustable bed mounted medical Monkey chain directly connect to the bed or hospital bed headboard or frame. Differing designs will be compatible with specific beds, so be sure to check the model of the hospital bed before choosing a fixed bed mounted trapeze. This type generally offers wall bumpers and padded mounting brackets to help protect the ends of the bed and surrounding wall surfaces. Offset bed mounted trapezes offer the capability to be used either attached to the bed or free standing over the bed.

Benefits of Hospital Monkey chain

Aside from the obvious benefits of helping bedridden individuals to move more easily in bed, and to transfer more safely in and out of bed, it is important to note that this movement also helps users to prevent pressure ulcers, or bed sores, from developing. Increased movement will also help to stimulate circulation and heal existing sores or skin deterioration.

Trapezes help users to develop arm and upper body strength. The more they are used to reposition, sit up, and move around in bed, the more the patient will benefit from increased strength and balance. This will greatly assist patients as they progress in recuperation and rehabilitation, and as they start to become more mobile.

Medical trapezes additionally offer several advantages to caregivers. Because patients can more easily and safely support themselves by using this device, this minimizes the assistance required by the caregiver for changing patient positioning, and for transfers in and out of bed for toileting, bathing and other forays.

  • SMA-11000 Trapeze (complete unit)
  • SMA-11100 Top bar (includes clamps, chains and triangle)
  • Overall height 64″ (163 cm )
  • Mounting clamps from 3/4″ to 3″ (2 cm to 7.6 cm )
  • Reach 36″ (91 cm )
  • No tools required for installation
  • Top bar and base sold separately
  • SMA-11101 Trapeze base Height 38-1/4″ (97 cm)
  • Length 40-1/4″ (102cm ). Width 30″ (76 cm )
  • Free standing for supporting top bar

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