Product Description

A knee compression support is a key product for:Prevention of a knee injury  and recovery from a specific type of knee condition. The elastic knee support is perfect for pain in the knee joint.Theadded support and reduces the chances of damaging rotation or hyper extension of the knee.

Made out of flexible, lightweight and comfortable material, the compression knee support has a variety of styles. Compression knee sleeves are made for those looking to be mobile and comfortable while providing support that allows patients to heal or prevent knee injuries.

Advantages of using Knee Support:

-Simple to use, cheap and provides support and warmth to the knee.

-Supports the knee by providing controlled compression throughout the joint, while relieving pressure over the patella.

-Provides comfortable support and protection for weak, stiff or sore knees. This support causes contoured compression and moderate support.

-Reinforced edges that provide durability and a contoured design to provide the best fit.

-Made of a soft elastic material that are easy to take on and off.

Simply step into the opening and slide it over your knee. The elastic material gently supports your kneecaps and the muscles above and below. Wearing this comfortable knee support, you can carry out your normal activities without fear of it sliding.

They are perfect for providing low levels of support and are perfect for :
1) Short-term use after minor injuries/strains
2) Longer term use with ongoing knee conditions causing mild to moderate pain.

Basic elastic knee braces provide mild support and protection and are perfect for mild knee pain, sprains, arthritis, weakness, patellar tendonitis, cartilage irritation, bursitis, Runners Knee, Chondromalacia PatellaOsgood Schlatters and knee swelling. They are not suitable for average to severe instability and pain – in these cases, you need advanced or elite protection.

Why Buy Our Knee Support?

  • Lightweight elastic knit
  • Contour design helps to ensure a proper fit
  • The custom top weave also helps prevent rolling.

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