Product Description

Lumbosacral Corset Freeman, Back supports implement stability during activity and for the treatment and recovery of lower back pain. Statistics from the previous data showed that back pain affects millions of people each year. That’s why an adequate support for lower back is important.

The most common cause of lower back pain can often be traced to the lumbosacral joint of the fifth lumber vertebrae and the sacrum.
People who spend much time in an office chair and driving seat can have problems, mostly from lower back as compare to others. If the lower back pain cannot be treated initially then it causes serious problems and it requires high treatment from medication to surgeries. The medicines and surgeries are quite expensive. The Lumbosacral Corset Freeman product is very effective against lower back pain.

Lumbosacral Corset Freeman are the most common support garments used to relieve lower back pain. These garments are specially designed to relieve muscle strain and to supplement the abdominal musculature when it becomes stretched or weakened. This is accomplished by a concurrent upward and backward lift to the abdomen with supporting counter pressure applied to the spine. It also keeps the back warm and hence gives relief to the pain as well.

The Lumbosacral Corset Freeman is specially designed to get relief from lower back pain and discomfort by destabilization of muscles, tendons and ligaments of the lower back. It is designed in the way that it can be easily adjust and user friendly. That is why we recommend this effective product. Contact us here