Product Description

Silicon Insoles  are made from the special medical silicon that provides excellent absorption of the shocks and strikes. They can be used for reducing the discomfort, pain and other negative effects generated from long distance walk or run. Plantar Fasciitis is the pain and inflammation at the point where the thin band of tissues called the plantar fascia connects your heel bone to your toes. This tissue helps support the bones of your arch and absorbs some of the strain you put on your feet, whether from running or other kinds of vigorous exercise. Having plantar fasciitis is a painful experience that may even require surgery, so it’s important to talk with your doctor about your symptoms. He or she can help make sure you don’t have another condition and help you learn how to get the plantar fasciitis pain management plan you need, which may include

  • Taking a break from activities that cause the pain
  • Using ice for up to 20 minutes 3 to 4 times per day
  • Medication as directed by a doctor
  • Special exercises or therapies to help strengthen calf muscles or correct a problem with your gait
  • Use a silicon insole to cushion the pressure

The production range contains variety of types and sizes according to the customers´ needs and wishes.Features:

  • Shock absorbing and shape retaining material
  • Odour – free remaining
  • Foot protecting material
  • Easy to wear – can be moved from shoe to shoe.
  • Blue points made from softer durometer profile silicon

The orthosis is ideal for everyday wearing, suitable for most shoe type and can be moved from shoe to shoe. The blue points made from softer durometer profile silicon provide relief of pain in the most stressed parts of the foot. The insole is made from non-irritating and shape retaining silicone.Our insoles include the metatarsal pad that relieves the metatarsal area of the foot during loading. It is easy to wear in most of shoe types and can be moved from shoe to shoe. The Silicon Insoles will retain their shape during all the time of usage and are available in different sizes depending on the shoe size