Product Description

Wrist Support helps support the wrist after tendon injuries, arthritis, sprain, strain, and stiffness. May also help prevent wrist injuries. Support and stabilize the wrist whilst also providing pain relief and/or reductions in swelling. Elastic wrist support provides required compression. Some of this wrist support is made to be worn during the night to prevent pain, and others can be used at any time.

Wrist support braces are not only used for wrist injuries, they are also used for normal wear and tear or more commonly referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury. Wrist injuries are classified into two – acute injuries, which are caused by immediate damage as what would happen in an accident or injury and overuse injuries, which are what happens when there is just too much burden put to the wrist and it cannot catch up on the healing process anymore.

Mainly for protection and healing, wrist support braces basically immobilize the joint and provide heat and compression to the bones and the surrounding ligaments at the wrist area. They are normally made from rigid tissue nylon fabrics or neoprene with Velcro for a better and more comfortable fit. For severe cases, metal spines are incorporated to render the joint immobile.

Other known uses of wrist braces are wrist trauma without fracture, postoperative conditions such as carpal tunnel surgery, synovitis, tendinitis, joint immobilization, degenerative sprains, and articulation inflammations. In sports, these offer protection especially with those that require the wrist to lift extraordinary weight such as in weightlifting and/or bodybuilding.

Wrist Support Features & Benefits

Give your wrists the ultimate support with orthodynamic compression fit wrist sleeve. This adjustable covering contours naturally to your distinct wrist shape allowing for full dexterity and a firm grip. The Wrist Sleeve-Wrap Support conforms to fit most sports gloves providing multi-use for a broad range of athletes. Our wrist supports that adjust to fit almost any hand and wrist size. Others come in extra small, small, medium, large or extra-large sizes. Choose the wrist support that best meets your needs, whether you’ve injured your thumb or need warmth and compression for arthritis relief. Some wrist brace supports are fitted for specifically the left or right hand, while others can be used on either. You can also choose the level of support and stability you need, ranging from a rigid wrist splint to an elastic wrist support. There are different colours available, including beige, black and blue.

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