Tynor Hard neck collar

Tynor Hard neck collarProduct Features;• Ethafoam edge padding of cervical collar hard provides enhanced cushioning and comfort. It ensures long functional life. It is incredibly light in weight and [...]

Philadelphia collar

Philadelphia collar Features1. The Philadelphia Cervical neck Collar is made of imported plastic foam.2. It consists of two pieces, a front one with a chin cup and a back [...]

Ambulance collar

Ambulance collar Ambulance collar; Ambulance Collar limits head movement and is ideal for cervical immobilization of accident victims during transportation. Importance of using a Trauma Collar : - Injured patients may have [...]

Minerva cervical thoracic collar

Minerva cervical thoracic collarMinerva collar supports the cervical and thoracic spine, as might be required for treating several injuries and conditions. Cervical Thoracic Orthosis with occipital components limits the [...]

Pneumatic Traction Neck Collar

Pneumatic Traction Neck CollarDescriptionInflatable Cervical Collar Air Cervical Neck Brace Medical Neck Traction Therapy Vertebra Support Neck Stretcher Pain RelieveIt can help with neck-related headaches, stiff necks, stiff muscles, [...]

Paediatric soft collar

Paediatric soft collarThe Cervical Collar, Soft with firm density, is used for supporting, immobilizing or adjusting the neck in the required position. It is recommended where a partial or [...]

Hard Cervical Collar

Hard Cervical CollarA rigid cervical collar supports your neck and limits your neck movement. This protects your spine.A rigid collar works better than a soft one to limit your [...]