Abdominal Binder
Abdominal Binder

Abdominal Binder

An abdominal belt is basically a wrap that is meant to be worn around your abdomen region. Equipped with clips and hooks, they are adjustable and usually come in a universal size that fits all. Abdominal belts, braces, and binders are snugs and useful support aids (generally made from stretchable fabric) that help deal with pain in the abdomen region. They are usually used for treating a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Post-pregnancy recovery
  • Post-surgery recovery (abdominal surgery)

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Product Description

An abdominal binder is a wide compression belt that encircles your abdomen. Comes in different sizes and widths, and are made from elastic and have Velcro or hook and loop closures. An abdominal binder may be used to speed up the recovery process after abdominal surgery. Your doctor may recommend that you wear an abdominal binder after:

  • a cesarean section
  • bariatric surgery
  • an exploratory laparotomy
  • a hysterectomy
  • a tummy tuck
  • spinal surgery

A carefully-positioned ab binder may be used in people with spinal cord injury to help:

  • support the abdomen
  • maintain abdominal pressure
  • improve respiratory function

Benefits of Using an Abdominal Belt;

  • It aids quicker and effective post-pregnancy recovery
  • It is great for post-abdominal surgery recovery (post-op care)
  • It prevents sagging of the abdominal muscles
  • It strengthens the abdominal muscles and weakened abdominal walls
  • It reduces pain while laughing
  • It helps avoid discomfort while coughing
  • It provides optimal support for the muscles in the said region
  • It avoids squeezing or cramping up of the muscles
  • It also aids in toning the abdominal muscles
  • Wearing an abdominal binder may decrease post-operative pain.
  • It may also decrease psychological distress following your procedure.
  • They also may promote deep breathing.

After surgery, an abdominal binder is thought to:

  • support your surgical incision
  • relieve pain
  • get you moving more
  • reduce swelling

Using a belly belt after a hysterectomy may help:

  • hold your abdominal muscles together to relieve pain
  • increase circulation at your surgical site to promote healing and decrease swelling
  • make physical activity more comfortable
  • strengthen abdominal muscles

Some people wear an abdominal belt to help support their core during daily activities and heavy lifting. Women may use an abdominal binder after vaginal childbirth to help shrink the uterus and lose weight. However, there’s no scientific evidence that binding your belly gets you back into your pre-pregnancy jeans faster.

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