Abs exercise roller – 2wheels

Abs exercise roller – 2wheels


Product Description

Abs exercise roller

The Ab Roller is a proven tool to tone your abs, back, arms and shoulders simultaneously.

Get the abs you have always wanted – this tool will even tone those muscles in the lower abs, which are tough to train in most exercises.
Use the Ab Roller and your regular Ab workout routine for added and improved results.

Product Features
• Abdominal Exercise Roller is an adjustable double wheel, lightweight, high-quality workout tool which tones the abs, shoulders and back of arms.
• It features padded foam handles for easy grip during use
• The roller is lightweight and easily transported.
• Helps develop, strengthen and tone your body
• Targets the core abdominal muscles
• Perfect for home workouts or the gym
• For men or women to help rid that belly fat whilst exercising at home

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