Adult foot waterproof cast protector
Adult foot waterproof cast protector

Adult foot waterproof cast protector


Product Description

Waterproof Cast Protector Easily Keep Your Casts, Bandages, Splints, and Wounds, Dry and Clean. If you have a broken bone, it is quite likely that you have a cast and that you face the big challenge of trying to bathe or shower while keeping your cast dry. Here, some idea for keeping your cast dry so you can and still keep yourself clean.

It is difficult to shower by holding the cast out of the way. Water will inevitably drip down your arm or leg, soaking the cast’s padding. Even if you plan on holding your cast out of the path of the water you still risk getting it wet, find something to cover it.  Wet casts can cause a number of problems including bad odors, skin problems, and discomfort.

Waterproof Cast Protector is used for;

  • Plaster and Synthetic Casts
  • Bandages
  • Splints
  • Burns
  • Rashes
  • Lacerations
  • Prosthesis and more

More Information about Waterproof Cast Protector

Waterproof Cast Protector can be used to cover a cast, although it must be wrapped tightly. Take special care to ensure a good seal around the top of the cast. This method may leave gaps where water can seep through, but it is an inexpensive and easy method to cover the cast. Using a rubber band at the top of the cast can help ensure the seal will not leak. Again, refrain from submerging the cast in water, as the seal may not be as tight as you hope.

The cast protectors are of high quality, reusable, easy to use solution for those who need to keep bandages and casts dry whilst bathing and showering. The range includes protectors for the arms, hands, legs, and feet with generous sizing ensuring a suitable fit for maximum comfort. The waterproof protectors are easy to use by simply pushing your hand or foot through the hole in the top and using the green plastic cuff to pull the sleeve over the area you wish to keep dry.

Once in place ensure the watertight seal is securely positioned so that water is not able to penetrate down into the sleeve. Recommended for single patient use only. Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds or when swimming. Contact us for more details


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