Balance board – Wobble Board
Balance board - Wobble Board

Balance board – Wobble Board



Product Description

Balance board mimic what happens to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the feet, ankle and lower legs during running, and as a result build them up for the stresses that they must endure. Balance board increases strength and stability in your core muscles, which in turn improves your posture because you’re better able to maintain proper spine position. Healthy athletes will use a balance board in their workouts so that they challenge and improve their balance system

balance board is configured with a hard flat top to stand on which rests atop an unstable rounded base and is utilized by a physical therapist to assist users in improving balance, motor coordination skills and core strength while expanding neural networks and enabling the hemispheres of the brain to more efficiently communicate with each other

Our range of balance boards is designed to aid the user’s level of balance, posture, flexibility, strength, and concentration. Wobble boards and cushions present an uneven surface that requires complete steadiness to stand and sit on. Ideal for sports rehabilitation, these balance boards can be used to strengthen core muscles and to add a greater challenge to normal exercise.

Created to aid the early to intermediate stages of rehabilitation, for example after surgery or following an ankle sprain, our balance Wobble Board has an adjustable base to increase competitiveness gradually.

Our Balance Wobble Boards are lightweight and therefore easy to transport for preferred use, be it at home, in the gym or when working with a physiotherapist. To work on your balance simply stand on the board with both feet and try to maintain a steady upright position, for a more advanced stance attempt to balance on one leg and at a time.

For rehabilitation following an ankle injury such as an ankle sprain sit on a seat and place your foot on the board rotating gently at the ankle. This will support the ankle during the exercise but will also re-educate the correct movement, quickening the healing process.

Why use a wobble board or balance board? Balance board benefits

The body has sensors all around it which sense where parts of the body are even without looking. These sensors are called proprioceptors. If the ankle or lower leg is damaged then the proprioceptors can be damaged also. If you have ever started to turn your ankle over and it has automatically righted itself then this is the proprioceptors working automatically to prevent further injury.

In the injured athlete these sensors will not work so well, increasing the chance of re-injuring the leg or ankle. This is why some people once they sprain their ankle, continue to sprain it repeatedly. Using a wobble board on a regular basis can help retrain the proprioceptors and improve coordination, hence preventing further injury. All the athlete has to do is stand on the board and try to keep it horizontal – without the edges touching the floor.

Balance board Exercises

The possibilities for uses are endless, and creativity can definitely be put to good use with balance boards, but here are a handful of several specific ways that balance board training can be used in place of more tedious training methods:



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