BC1660 Magnetic Exercise Bike

BC1660 Magnetic Exercise Bike


BC1660 Magnetic Exercise Bike

– Adjustable Magnetic Resistance – Adjustable Seat & Handlebars – Hand-Pulse Sensors – Smartphone/Tablet Dock – Track Your Progress

Product Description

BC1660 Magnetic Exercise Bike

BC1660 Magnetic Exercise Bike w/ Smartphone/Tablet Dock & Sensors

ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC RESISTANCE There is adjustable magnetic resistance, so your bike can come along with you as you progress in your fitness journey. ADJUSTABLE SEAT & HANDLEBARS The padded seat & handlebars are both height adjustable to fine-tune the bike to your desires. HAND-PULSE SENSORS There are built-in hand pulse sensors to help you become fully aware of how your heart and body react to the exercise. SELF-LEVELING PEDALS The pedals are self-levelling and have velcro straps to ensure your feet stay comfortably and firmly planted throughout your workout. SMARTPHONE/TABLET DOCK There is a built-in dock for your smart device to allow you to stay entertained and enjoy your training to the fullest potential. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS The built-in computer monitors and displays; (theoretical) calories burned, distance, hand pulse, ODO, scan, speed, and time to easily track your progress and make your journey all the more satisfying.

ULTRA-SMOOTH & SILENT This bike utilizes a hi-tech magnetic brake system to guarantee you receive an ultra-smooth and silent workout every time.

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