Child Neck collar – Pediatric Soft Collar

Child Neck collar – Pediatric Soft Collar


Product Description

Child Neck collar or Soft Cervical Collar for Kids and Infants; Nobody wants to buy a cervical collar/neck brace for children, but for some injuries, this is a necessary part of treatment. In such instances, it is nice to know that the child-size cervical collar is soft against the skin as well as lightweight.

This Child collar is constructed of one-inch thick medium-density foam that immobilizes and supports one’s spine but is not so stiff that it is uncomfortable/. The foam neck brace for children is lightweight and has a groove for the chin.

A cotton stockinette material covers the cervical collars for youth. This material is soft against the skin, plus it is quite breathable.

The kids’ foam neck braces do not contain any latex, making them safe for those with allergies to the material.

Child Neck collar for Neck Pain

Strains to the muscles of the neck are far and away the most common source of kids’ neck pain. Its symptoms, including pain at the back of the neck and limited range of motion, might stem from a sports injury or simply sleeping in a funny position or more serious neck strains, such as whiplash.

Whiplash refers to a forceful back and forth movement of the neck, often due to a rear-end automobile accident. Sports injury (especially in contact sports), physical abuse or other trauma can also cause whiplash.

This motion of the neck can damage one’s bones, discs, ligaments, muscles, nerves or other tissues of the neck. Therefore, it is important to seek medical attention if one suspects a whiplash injury.

Common symptoms include neck pain, stiffness, and headache, though other side effects such as tingling or numbness, blurred vision, dizziness, fatigue, problems concentrating, irritability and ringing in the ears are also possible.

Treatment for this kid’s neck problem will vary on a case-by-case basis, but for many, it will involve rest, ice and heat therapy, use of muscle relaxants and eventually stretching and movement exercises to return the range of motion to the neck.

In many cases, a doctor will recommend your child wear a soft cervical neck brace/collar to support the neck. Doing so can immobilize the spine in the neutral position and ease pain and inflammation.

Key Features of Child Neck collar

This Child collar features a simple construction that holds the head in neutral position, stabilizing the neck and allowing pain and inflammation to subside. Following is a detailed list of its features.

  • Child collar holds the spine in a neutral position so healing can occur
  • Great muscle strain or whiplash neck brace for kids; can also help with post-surgical immobilization; can also use the neck brace for sleeping, children
  • Support of the children’s neck brace lessens the strain on sore tissues
  • Children’s neck support is constructed of lightweight medium-density foam that is 1-inch thick
  • Neck injury head brace is contoured for the chin
  • Velcro closures make applying the pediatric neck support collar for sleeping quick and easy
  • Small, soft neck brace for kids is covered in a comfortable cotton stockinette material
  • Soft neck collar for toddlers is free of latex
  • Three soft cervical collar sizes for various neck lengths and circumferences

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