Children Wheelchair
Children Wheelchair

Children Wheelchair


Product Description

Children Wheelchair comes with a durable steel frame with chromed finish.

Kids Wheelchairs are designed to optimally promote and support the special needs child. They offer a complete seating and positioning system and most of them are adjustable to grow with a child. These wheelchairs have easy to operate design which makes them the perfect choice for the user and their caregivers.

Here are a few things to consider when researching a wheelchair chair for kids

User size and weight – The size and weight of the child will dictate the seat size and the seat-to-floor height of the chair, especially if your child is growing you will want to take that into consideration.

Chair weight – Lighter chairs allow for easier use and transport.

Support – Some chairs offer lateral support cushions and a five-point harness for children with weak upper  ate occupants of different heights

Children Wheelchair Features

  • Foldable wheelchair constructed with a set of high-quality PVC mats and a durable steel frame that will keep it rolling for years
  • Features 2-wheel steering and padded armrests to combine mobility and comfort
  • Equipped with adjustable footrests to accommodate occupants of different heights

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