Dynamic Wrist splint – With Finger Extension Component
Dynamic Wrist splint - With Finger Extension Component

Dynamic Wrist splint – With Finger Extension Component



Product Description

Dynamic Wrist splint helps treat joint stiffness and regain lost range of motion due to injury, trauma, surgery or disease. Comes in Right and Left with Different Sizes

Dynamic Wrist splint increases finger dexterity and range of motion following injury, surgery, trauma or disease. Individually fit by a trained therapist to oversee the range of motion to enhance wrist and fingers relaxation in an extended form. While each patient is different, the finger splints are worn typically for 6-8 hours a day (2-4 hours in the beginning).

The comfortable and adjustable Dynamic splint With Finger Extension Component applies a low-load, prolonged-duration stretch (LLPS) across the joint using a tensioning system.

This provides a continued but gentle stretch to the joint to achieve permanent, positive change of the connective tissue.

Used in conjunction with physical therapy, the finger extension is effective up to 53% faster in regaining range of motion.

Want to continue at home with the same positive results achieved in a good therapy session?  Consider the constant, gentle stretch of the Dynamic splint With Finger Extension Component.

They’re like taking the physical therapist’s hands home! The end result: regained, lasting range of motion in the finger. Springs can be added or removed to adjust wrist tension.

Features of a Dynamic Wrist Splint

Well padded inner surface for patient comfort; Lightweight, unbreakable and washable material. Others include;

  • Works to treat joint stiffness and improve range of motion
  • Can help reduce rehabilitation time, which can reduce costs
  • Made of recyclable materials (metal parts refurbished; soft parts discarded)
  • Available for rent or purchase with proof of medical necessity by a healthcare provider
  • A trained therapist fits the patient for the finger splints as well as provides instruction and a wearing schedule

Indications: Radial nerve palsy of wrist and finger; Spastic wrist drop condition; For physiotherapy after extensor tendon repair; For the active exercise of wrist and finger.

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