Elastic Cohesive Bandage (Per 1 pc)

Elastic Cohesive Bandage (Per 1 pc)


Elastic Cohesive Bandage

First Aid Self Adherent Cohesive Bandages;

This bandage wrap easily adheres to itself but will not stick to other surfaces such as skin or hair making it easy to pull it off and change bandages

This bandage is a strong self-adherent tape that offers excellent support; unlike non-adhesive bandages, the self-adhering bandage wraps do not require clips or pins to stay in place

Use to wrap ankle, wrist, finger, toe, elbow, and knee; also ideal for use on pets

Each roll of bandage tape is 3 inches wide and 5 yards long

Product Description

Elastic Cohesive Bandage

Cohesive Bandage is an economical cohesive bandage available in a good range of colors to match your strip.  Cohesive bandage sticks to itself, but not to skin or hair, which makes it good for bandaging hairy parts of the body such as the head or for use as a horse bandage.

  • Flexible and stretchy to conform to the body when moving
  • No stick formula makes it comfortable to wear
  • Easy to unwind for controlled application
  • Can be torn by hand along length and width
  • Each roll individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene
  • GREAT THERAPEUTIC VALUE- Our tapes are sterile and they have great medicinal value, which is good for swelling, sprain, and general soreness. They are very light weighted, and safe for your pets as well! (horses, ponies, dogs, cats, etc)
  • Cohesive bandages are easily torn without scissors, simply hand tear and wrap your wrists, fingers, ankle, back, knee and other body areas. Elastic bandages are strong and provide excellent support. They will adhere very well to themselves but poorly to other surfaces such as skin or hair making it pain-free to pull them off and change bandages.
  • The bandages are made from high-quality porous fabric with bacon strips that are totally safe for your skin as they allow good ventilation. The bandages are easy to open, when bandaging, no need for the great effort. They are far better than the non-adhesive ones as they have the self-adhering ability so that the tape doesn’t loosen and fall off easily. No more worries about prickly pins! It’s perfect for playful children!
  • Various colors, various collocations, youth fashion. They are repeatability, can be reused more than three times.

Constructed from a porous fabric tape that sticks only to itself, Steroplast Cohesive Bandage is supplied in three sizes: 5cm x 4.5m and 7.5cm x 4.5m and 10cm x 4.5m.

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