Electric Plaster Saw Cutter -Oscillator
Electric Plaster Saw Cutter -Oscillator

Electric Plaster Saw Cutter -Oscillator


Electric Plaster Saw Gypsum Saw Cast Cutter Cutting Machine(110V)

  • Scope of application: The orthopedic products for fixed reset, remove the plaster bandages used.
  • The electrically operated gypsum saws through the saw blade swinging sawing gypsum, in use, even if the saw blade will contact the patient skin not to create cuts.
  • The electrical machinery uses the double insulation protective device, has guaranteed the safety of the patient.
  • Motor Winding insulation class E Class
  • Non-load Frequency:>11000r/min

Product Description

Electric Plaster Saw Cutter

Supply voltage: 220V or 110V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Input power: 115VA;
Load swing: > 11000 / min.;
Noise: ≤84dB
Insulation grade of motor winding: E
6 stage speed regulation

Application and attention:
1. Before use, check whether the formation of the saw blade, missing teeth, mounting, installing the saw blade when the blade shaft to be fixed, embedded with the pull head axis position of the flat side, with the other nuts in front of the saw blade wrench removed, exit concave sleeve and saw blade, saw blade and then put the other tightly.check the motor ventilation road,should be kept clear to prevent foreign objects clogging, resulting in poor ventilation, resulting in an excessive temperature rise of the motor work, or even burn the motor.
2. When used, not used much pressure, when the blade got stuck in the plaster bandage, it should cut off the power slowly withdraw.not to open when the power switch off, easy to damage the motor.
3. The temperature of the motor housing using the increase over time, such as hot case temperature should be found to be suspended, wait to cool before using, or likely to cause motor overheating and burning.
4. When have abnormal sound, vibration is too large, please maintenance in time.
5. Should be wiped clean the plaster saw after the operation, kept in dry places(relative humidity less than 80%, non-corrosive gas environment)to prevent water and damage and stumble.

1 x Medical electric plaster saw
2 x Circular saw blade
1 x Fan-shaped saw blade
1 x Wrench
1 x Carry box
1 x Manual

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