Extended Wrist Support
Extended Wrist Support

Extended Wrist Support




Product Description

Extended Wrist Support

Extended Wrist Support is a very comfortable wrist support that goes around the thumb (see photos) and has the special material on the inside of the one strap which gives a better grip on the ball.  The top strap is removable completely.

This is the bigger version of the visionx2 wrist support.  Another type which does not go around the thumb is in other listings.  This one has more wrist support because of the difference in going around the thumb

The material is soft with velcro straps.  Sizes are fairly accurate if in doubt order the next larger size which are in other listings.  You might need to get used to the top strap that goes around the base of the fingers (edges are not rounded) or put some extra tape around that one, depending on how tightly you close it.  Other than that this is a very good product at our wholesale price and therefore a super deal!

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