Finger Extension Splint
Finger Extension Splint

Finger Extension Splint


Product Description

Finger extension splint also known as proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint extension splints and/or flexion splints, are typically used to increase finger dexterity and range of motion from various conditions like disease, trauma, surgery or injury that have adversely affected the fingers and thumb.made of malleable Aluminium, ideal for immobilization of fingers following fracture, operation or tendon/ligament injuries. Plastic coated malleable aluminium that keeps the interphalangeal joint in required position; Polyfoam padding for comfort; Fits any finger.

splint is a device used for support or immobilization of a limb. It can be used in multiple situations, including temporary immobilization of potentially broken bones or damaged joints and support for joints during activity.

Finger Extension Splint Uses

  • By the emergency medical services or by volunteer first responders, to temporarily immobilize a fractured limb before transportation;
  • By allied health professionals such as occupational therapistsphysiotherapists and orthotists, to immobilize an articulation (e.g. the knee) that can be freed while not standing (e.g. during sleep);
  • By athletic trainers to immobilize an injured bone or joint to facilitate safer transportation of the injured person; or
  • By emergency room (ER) physicians to stabilize fractures or sprains until follow-up appointment with an orthopedist

Indications: Immobilization of finger following fracture of proximal inter phalanges; Extensor tendon injuries of the finger; Collateral ligament injuries of the interphalangeal.

Collateral ligament injuries of distal interphalangeal joints. Postoperative immobilization of fingers. Protection of nail bed injuries of the finger. Mallet finger deformity. Supports the distal joint of the finger in extension.

TECHNICAL DETAILS. Special features include. Well padded, unbreakable, washable, reusable & economic; Very good patient compliance; Fingerthumb attachments are optional; With spring system to adjust wrist tension it is ideal for physiotherapy after extensor tendon repair

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