Flat Foot corrector
Flat Foot corrector

Flat Foot corrector


Product Description

Flat foot corrector is used to improve the alignment of the foot. A Flat Foot corrector allows for more normal pressures during standing and walking. A combination of procedures is performed to repair the ligaments and tendons that support the arch. Bone cuts are often made to help restore the arch. Proper correction of flatfoot deformity can often help to improve pain and walking ability by use of the Flat Foot corrector.
Patients with flatfoot frequently describe ankle pain and difficulty with daily activities. Surgical reconstruction of the flatfoot is performed in patients with an arch collapse that is still flexible (not stiff). An orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon should do a complete evaluation of the foot. This includes a medical history, physical exam, and  X-rays. A trial of non-operative treatment should be completed prior to any decision to have surgery. Treatments can include rest, immobilization, shoe inserts, braces and physical therapy. If these are unsuccessful, surgery can be considered.
Patients who have diabetes or take oral steroids should be evaluated by their primary care physician. These conditions may prevent you from being able to safely have surgery. Obese patients and smokers are at higher risk for blood clots and wound problems. Full recovery from flatfoot surgery can take up to a year. Patients who are unable or unwilling to complete this process should not have this surgery.

Flat Foot corrector Features

  • Correcting Medial Arch Insoles. One pair. With Unique Quality of being Feather Light in weight so that it doesn’t feel heavy in the shoes. Arch support design for Flat Feet. Also relieves Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain which happens due to Flat Feet Problem. Help reduce Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain.
  • With embossing cutting guidelines, adjust the length according to your foot. Velour fabric with sweat absorption, keep your foot dry and comfortable all day long. Correction of Posture. Washable. Reusable. Whatever is your Foot size, leave 1 cm from up & down & then cut it. See images to understand how to cut & insert in the Footwear. Please Note: Shoes may become little tight after inserting these insoles. Unisex.
  • Excellent ‘Medial-arch rise’ in Foot (which is ideally missing in a person with Flat Foot)

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