Foot Elevator
Foot Elevator

Product Description

Foot Elevator helps to eliminate pressure on the foot or ankle while the individual is in bed or reclining. This Foot Elevation Device is designed to Treat Pressure Ulcers. Circular in shape, the Foot Elevator fits around the ankle to raise the heel off of any surface. This particular foot elevator has a machine washable cotton flannel liner that keeps your ankle comfortable. The Foot Elevator has a spiral-cut foam ring that provides foot elevation and soft comfort. The cut at the center of the foam accommodates limbs up to 12 inches in circumferencehis product is a leg support pillow, or leg support cushion to elevate the leg.T he Elevators have been in use in Orthopaedic wards for many years.  They can help reduce or even prevent swelling in the leg. The Patient’s leg rests on a convoluted surface. The convolutions can help blood flow and help avoid deep vein thrombosis. At Orthodynamic limited  Store we carry a wide range of foot elevators of top manufacturers. The different foot elevators includes ring foot elevator that air circulation for prevention of decubitus ulcers. Heelbo Lifter Foot Elevator keeps the injured or recuperating foot from touching the floor, octagonal design foot elevator which maintains space between heel and bed.   By raising the foot completely off the bed, this spiral-cut, polyurethane foam Foot Elevator helps the skin heal.

  • A washable flannel liner provides comfort around the ankle.
  • The use of a pillow under the knee can help prevent hyperextension.
  • A footboard may be used to prevent foot drop.
  • Machine wash and air-dry.

Features & Benefits of Foot Elevator

  • Provides air circulation for prevention of decubitus ulcers
  • Easy-to-use adjustable hook and loop closure

To Use

Place under the leg.

The foot will be raised about 40cm / 16″ depending on the length of the patient’s leg. The Elevator has side walls to help prevent the leg from rolling off the sides.

If the patient has a plaster cast, some sharp edges on the outside of the plaster cast may damage the cover of the Elevator, so we recommend placing a small towel on the Elevator under the cast to give some protection to the cover. Place a rolled-up towel under the knee if the patient’s leg needs to be bent or flexed.

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