Freeman lumber sacral corset

Freeman lumber sacral corset


Freeman Lumbosacral Corset:

Freeman Lumbosacral Support brace gives extra support to the lower back. This brace is adjustable with a three-pull side lace technique offering patients the best possible fit. A snap button with a reinforcing hook-and-eye is used for front closure.

Product Description

Freeman lumber sacral corset

The lumbosacral Support Brace is used to treat lower back pain.

The lumber corset uses a two-pull side lace adjustment technique to achieve the perfect fit.

It also uses cinch-pull adjustable straps for front closure, which is excellent for people with arthritic hands.
The many features the brace includes; include elastic releases at the top and groin to ensure comfort and mobility. One pair of pre-shaped twelve-inch steels and flexible stays for the front, back and sides are also included.

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