Hand Wresting Splint
Hand Wresting Splint

Hand Wresting Splint


Product Description

Hand Wresting Splint is a Pre-formed, thermoplastic splint (heat modifiable) with grooves for finger separation to support wrist and hand in neutral position. Set of four hook and loop strap closures for a secure fit with Separate designs for right and left hands.
The Hand Wresting Splint reduces pain and swelling by providing local rest to joints of the hand and the wrist, it ensures proper positioning during sleep. Hand Wresting Splint immobilizes, protect and support inflamed joints and tendons. Hand Wresting Splint reduces irritation of nerves in the carpal tunnel by supporting and resting wrist in the “loose pack” position, it also helps maintain the length of soft tissues and prevent contracture.
Indications for use

  • Burns, Spasticity, Web contracture
  • pain at night
  • joint inflammation
  • developing soft tissue contracture due to progressive deformity
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • tenosynovitis
  • risk of tendon rupture

Wearing Instructions

  • Choose the right or left splint of size as per width of the metacarpal joints (1-4), say, small for a width of 3.25 inches.
  • Use hot air gun or oven to heat the splint and then, modify the shape of the splint for the desired fit.
  • Use hook and loop straps to fit the splint (as shown in the photograph).

Product care.

  • Hand washes using cold water and mild soap.
  • Air dry in shade.
  • Do not brush hard.
  • Do not squeeze.
  • No machine wash.

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