High Back Reclining Wheelchair
High Back Reclining Wheelchair

High Back Reclining Wheelchair


high-back reclining wheelchair typically has a higher than standard chair-back with an independent reclining functionality allowing the user to recline from a 90 degree sitting position to a 180-degree position, enhancing repositioning and comfort while also helping to improve blood flow. High-back reclining wheelchairs can assist individuals who need extra support due to poor trunk stability, respiratory difficulties, severe multiple sclerosis, severe arthritis, quadriplegia, or muscular dystrophy.

Product Description

reclining wheelchair is designed to meet the individual needs of the user, providing flexibility over sitting angle and positional change.  It does this by increasing the angle between backrest and seat, often in conjunction with other features including adjusting footrests and accessories to reduce sheer such as sliding backrest that moves with the user during recline.

The wheelchair allows the user to maintain a safe and functional body position specific to their needs.  This includes minimizing strain on joints, musculature, and ligaments whilst maintaining skin integrity by reducing friction, sheer, and other causes of pressure.

Reclining wheelchair has primarily been used to allow the user to stretch and change body position primarily to support pressure care and comfort in the same way that anyone else becomes uncomfortable sitting in the same position for long periods. When both reclining wheelchair and regular patient tilt systems are employed, provides pressure relief, increase circulation, improve head, neck and trunk control, improve functional posture and positioning, support safe transfers by various means and minimize variations/fluctuations in the user’s muscular control.

Attractive Green Reclining Wheelchair With Detachable Armrests, Detachable & Elevating Footrests

 Reclining wheelchair features

  • Lightweight aluminum wheelchair
  • Double cross braces for extra strength
  • Folding frame
  • Padded detachable armrests with side panels
  • Length-adjustable leg supports
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • Toggle wheel locks
  • Anti-tippers
  • Elevating, swing-away, detachable footrests
  • Height-adjustable pillow
  • Durable carbon steel frame with powder-coated finish
  • Comfortable & inclination adjustable high backrest
  • Removable headrest
  • 8″ PVC solid front casters
  • 24″ rear wheels with solid tires
  • Push to lock wheel brakes
  • Handles with brakes for a companion to stop the wheelchair
  • Detachable & elevating footrests with aluminum flip-up footplates & comfortable leg rest
  • The padded upholstery is made of high-quality nylon that is durable and comfortable

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