Hospital Labcoats
Hospital Labcoats

Hospital Labcoats


Product Description

Hospital Lab coats (often abbreviated to lab coat) is a Dust coat worn by professionals protect their street clothes and also serves as a simple uniform. The garment is made from white or light-colored cottonlinen, or cotton polyester blend, allowing it to be washed at a high temperature and making it easy to see if it is clean.

Our White Coat Collection is distinguished by its hand-tailored fit, superior performance and durability, and sophisticated styles for both men and women.

Hospital Lab coats are everywhere in medical centers, a universal sign that the wearer is a medical professional. But look closer, and you will notice that not all white coats are alike.

Hospital Lab coats Features

There are long coats, and there are short coats. And who wears what is sometimes a sign of their position within a hospital’s hierarchy.

Most medical students, who are sometimes called “short white coats,” wear Hospital Lab coats that are bestowed upon them in a solemn ceremony when they begin medical school. The short coats indicate they are not yet doctors, who at most of the city’s teaching hospitals wear knee-length white coats.

If patients notice the difference, they typically don’t know what the lengths mean. But attire has a significant history within the profession. At some hospitals, doctors have held meetings about coat length. And occasionally residents — junior doctors who have graduated from medical school but have not completed on-the-job training — protest the short coats they are expected to wear.

Adding to the complexity is that the practices regarding Hospital Lab coats differ among hospitals and even within hospitals, because there are few rules, just traditions. At every hospital, there are physicians who break from tradition, for reasons of fashion, practicality, or something deeper. Many nurses, technicians, and other staff now wear long coats, too. Of course, all staff must wear nametags that identify their job.

Senior doctors said the Hospital Lab coats custom, of any length, probably developed because physicians at academic medical centers traditionally have done research in addition to treating patients, and needed the coats to protect their clothing from laboratory chemicals.

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