Interferential Therapy
Interferential Therapy

Interferential Therapy


Interferential Therapy


Size:22.5 X21X7.5

150 preprogrammed

100 user memory


Product Description

Interferential Therapy


Special Futures:-

a.     SMPS Power Supply

b.    Medium frequency 2KHz,4KHz,6KHz,8KHz, and 10KHz.

c.     Patient safety: Output is 100% isolation

d.    150 pre-programmed

e.     100 user memory with patient name

f.      Russian – 10msec ON/10msec OFF)

g.     Large Size crystal clear bluish graphic LCD 64X128

h.    Light Weight

i.       Compact Size



1. 1.Output cable:-

(i) Red Pair: 1 set

(ii) Black pair: 1 set

2. Electrodes:-

(i) Big – 4 no

(ii)Medium: 4 no


(i) big – 2 Rolls

(ii) Medium – 2 Rolls

4.Gel(ECG) – 250 ml – 1 no

5.Manual – 1 no

6.Mains Cable – 1 no

7.Carrying Bag – 1 no

8.WARRANTY card – 1 no


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