Long ROM Knee Brace (Lockable Range of Motion)
Long ROM Knee Brace (Lockable Range of Motion)

Long ROM Knee Brace (Lockable Range of Motion)


Product Description

Long ROM Knee Brace, Adjustable Post Op Knee Brace (Lockable Range of Motion)

The Long ROM Knee Brace with adjustable locking dial can control or limit the range of motion during post-operation recovery and rehabilitation, prevent re-injury, ideal for knee joint, ligaments strain, meniscus injury and fractures recovery.

The adjustable locking dial and extension provide the bilateral range of motion settings, you can adjust the range of motion you need front to back which can be adjusted between -10° to 120° range of flexion and -10° to 30° range of extension, adjustment unit is 10 degrees, to achieve control and limit knee flexion and extension.

Soft and comfortable pads provide the best grip to secure nonslip fit and promote the hinged brace suspension.

Easy push-button adjustable struts which can be adjustable as individual demand for a comfortable fit.

The post-op knee brace stabilizer is lightweight yet strong for exceptional support. The open design of the post-op knee brace fits right or left leg, the adjustable sticky strap provides a comfortable fit for men and women.


Long ROM Knee Brace offers strong fixation of the knee joint after operation; Treat for injury of side-secondary ligaments of knee joints; For the injury of front-crossing ligaments of knee joints; Efficiently for acute injury of surrounding soft tissue of knee joints.

Immobilizer: The brace lock of leg brace hinged such as an immobilizer, It has the ability to lock at any radius, There is a slide switch on both sides of the brace that you can set for a range of motion. If these slide switches are set to the zero position you can set the lock/unlock switches on each side to “Lock” and it will then act as an immobilizer. The bilateral range of motion settings can be adjusted between 0°-120° of flexion and 0°-90.

This medical Hinged Knee Brace fits the right leg and left leg. And it is unisex, fits man and woman.


  • Durable and strong material for reusing
  • Top and bottom closure for personalized fit and non-slip
  • The wrap-around design offers easy putting on and taking off
  • Fits right or left knee

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