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Lumber Support provides the best relief and makes your day-to-day activities easier and less painful. The causes of lower back pains include muscle strains, herniated or degenerative discs, sacroiliac joints in your lower spine, and arthritis. While several solutions exist to combat back pain, using a back brace for lower back pain is the least intrusive method.It’s non-habit forming, unlike taking medication.

Our Lumber Support is Ergonomically designed to effectively target lower back pain.The back brace supports the lumbar region with adjustable compression, reinforced vertical stays and a removable cushioned lumbar pad. The lightweight, breathable neoprene wrap is nonrestrictive, allowing you to easily move throughout your day. Adjusting to fit most waist sizes, the compression brace attaches with a strong dual fastener system that securely holds the brace in place without rolling, slipping or bunching.

About the product

Reinforced Support for Lower Back Pain Relief:

Providing targeted support for the lower back, the Lumber Support relieves chronic pain and pain caused by sciatica, degenerative disk disease, slipped or herniated disks, scoliosis, spasms and injury. The adjustable compression wrap is reinforced with integrated vertical stays for optimal support without restricting movement. Reduces the risk of re injury with gentle compression therapy that retains therapeutic heat to promote healing by increasing circulation.

Dual Adjustable Fasteners:

Easily adjust the level of compression produced with the dual fasteners. Constructed with a strong latching material for a secure, nonslip fit, the brace is adjustable, accommodating waist sizes.

Breathable and Lightweight:

Breathable neoprene brace is lightweight and durable. Naturally moisture wicking, the compression wrap stays comfortably dry all day and is washable for added convenience. The nonslip material will not bunch, pinch or irritate the skin.

Freedom of Movement:
Support and flexibility combine in this pro back brace that straightens your back while allowing a full range of motion. Use the lumbar support brace for extra stability at the gym or during those long hours of work and enjoy a life free of pain!

Optimal Support:

When it comes to lower back support belt for men, it is one of the best lower back braces on the market. Featuring 6 internal plastic inserts along the back for extra stability, the spinal stenosis support offers you optimal comfort and all-day support

Unisex Design:

Whether you’re looking for back braces for women or back braces for men, we’ve got you covered. Anatomically designed and versatile,back Support Belt for Women, Lower Back Support for Men, Lower Back Brace comes in various sizes for you to choose from!

Lifetime Guarantee:

 Back Braces for Lower Back Pain, Lower Back Brace for Women are made by professionals to offer you optimal comfort and support.


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