Perforated thermoplastic Splinting Material

Perforated thermoplastic Splinting Material


Orthopedic perforated thermoplastic Splinting Material 4*920*610MM

1 Repeated plasticity, no deformation after cooling
2 High tensile, you can stretch it freely and with good memory function
3 Skin-friendly without sensitization, good breathability, and environment friendly with self-  degradation

4. Resists fingerprinting for a smooth surface.

5. Rehabilitation inspection can be completed with an X-ray without disassembly.

Product Description

Orthopedic perforated thermoplastic Splinting Material 4*920*610MM

Orthopedic perforated thermoplastic medical splint Description

The low-temperature thermoplastic sheet, which is a new environmental-friendly polymer material, is made of a special synthetic polymer polyester (such as PCL) through a series of physical and chemical processing methods


It can be soft in the water when the temperature reaches 65-70℃, then removes it from the water after softening and dries on, when its temperature drops to about 40℃, it can be directly molded on the patient’s body, the whole process is easy to operate.


The low-temperature thermoplastic sheet( orthopedic splint), which is non-toxic, odorless, no stimulation to the skin, and fully biodegradable, is an ideal material of immobilization.

Product Features:

1.Easy to mold. It can be shaped arbitrarily after softening.

2.Reusable. Once set, it may be marked for patient identification with a felt tip or tape.

The profile may be altered or modified by heating with hot water and then remold.

3.High strength. It can completely meet the needs of the external fixation of a fracture.

4.Light and breathable. It is made of high-end material, which is very light. The material

with meshes has the advantages of good ventilation and comfortable wear.

5. High radiation transmittance .X-ray can through it freely, so do not need to take it off

when taking an X-ray, meanwhile, it is convenient to observe the fracture healing.

6.Easy to clean. Like other materials, a long time to wear will probably cause health

problems. The low-temperature thermoplastic sheet can be cleaned at room temperature,

which ensures the fixed parts clean.

7.Environmentally safe. Non-toxic, biodegradable material poses no environmental hazards, it will automatically be degrading.

Application Range:

Wildly used in the orthopedic company and many departments of the hospital, such as rehabilitation division, radiotherapy room, orthopedics, burns surgery, emergency room department of neurology. Having a good effect on fracture fixation, functional training, and orthopedic.

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