Post Maternity Corset / Tummy Trimmer
Post Maternity Corset / Tummy Trimmer

Post Maternity Corset / Tummy Trimmer



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Post Maternity Corset / Tummy Trimmer

Post Maternity Corset / Tummy Trimmer

Whether you call it a belly wrap, belly binder, belly band, or postpartum girdle (and do note that throughout this article, we may be using these terms interchangeably), its function is the same; as an abdominal binder that newly delivered mothers would typically consider buying and using.

If a postpartum belly wrap is currently on your list of items to purchase, but not yet decide which one is the best postpartum belly wrap for you, read on as we share our thoughts on the need for getting a belly binder and what are some of your best options.

Firstly, why would one even consider using a postpartum belly wrap? As we delved into this question, we found that belly wraps are not just a novelty and have, in fact, been quite commonly prescribed for abdominal support (to help those with back pain move around better) as well to help mothers with their posture and potential back problems post-delivery.

For the cost ranging from $20 to $60 depending on the model should be able to get you one of the best postpartum belly wraps already. In most cases, you may even need to purchase several sizes as your girth decreases with consistent usage of the belly wrap. With a belly wrap, the new mother’s abs is gently compressed, thus helping her uterus return to its normal size faster.


The abdominal wall becomes loose after child birth. To regain to the previous shape an additional support and compression is necessary. Cling gives compression to the abdominal region and prevents sagging.

  • Cling comes in 25 cm width that covers the entire abdomen. This gives full support and compression to the abdominal muscles.
  • Offers consistent compression for better results
  • Stretchable elastic material eliminate bulges under the clothes and gives a smooth, curvy figure
  • Material is non-irritating with smooth edges thereby ensuring wearing comfort. Light weight, can be worn under clothing


  • Post surgery
  • Post maternity

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