Posture Mirror With Floor Stand And Casters
Posture Mirror With Floor Stand And Casters

Posture Mirror With Floor Stand And Casters


Posture Mirror with Floor Stand and Casters can be used by physical and occupational therapists as well as in sports medicine settings. Used in exercise and weight rooms with parallel bars or training stairs, the patient can see themselves while performing exercises that involve the motor system, reinforcing the connection between the mind and body. The Posture Mirrors’ generously sized and distortion-free quarter-inch plate glass mirrors are mounted safely in a natural finished hardwood frame.

Product Description

Posture Mirror With Floor Stand And Casters

Adult Posture Mirror Features

  • Glass size 23″ x 67″
  • Overall size 28″ x 75″ including casters
  • Solid wood construction to ensure longevity
  • Choose from wall-mounted or mobile versions
  • Mounted safely in a natural finished hardwood frame
  • Made with generously sized and distortion-free plate glass
  • Can be used in conjunction with parallel bars and training stairs

Who Needs Posture Mirror?

  • Rehabilitative hospital settings – Parallel bar gait training or stair work can be increasingly beneficial when patients observe themselves in motion
  • Special needs classrooms – School-based therapists, as well as teachers, can use these mirrors with physically challenged students, as well as those who are autistic or face behavioral challenges


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