Power Twister Spring

Power Twister Spring


Product Description

Power Twister Spring

The arm’s stick is very convenient fitness equipment. You can exercise while watching TV, get rid of the dull fitness feeling, and quickly build a fitness figure: exercise shoulder, arm, and back muscles to make your body healthier and more robust.

A power twister has handles on each end and a coiled spring in the middle.

The spring is typically coiled stiffly to provide resistance, and some power twister bars allow you to adjust the tension.

Suitable for beginners to build up strength and increase tension while you practice

A more tensioned option available for professional athletes and bodybuilders

Perfect for building upper body strength (wrists, forearms, chest, arms and shoulders)

An inspired gift for your friend, uncle or dad!

Easy to carry with you and do your workout wherever you go

Deal size for use any place, any time, and anywhere

The wear-resistant handle comes with an anti-slip texture design, which prevents slipping for higher safety.

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