ROOVJOY TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator
ROOVJOY TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

ROOVJOY TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator


R-C1 plus tens units simulator has 36 professional different Modes, 18 TENS modes, 15 EMS modes, and 3 MASSAGERS modes.

There is a backlit and extra-large digital display, with program description on the screen, in which you can change the intensity of the electrical pulses to find the setting and or level that provides the most relief for you.

R-C1 best tens unit muscle management low frequency products help provide natural relief for that terrible chronic nerve pain in your arms, legs, or back while strengthening muscles.

Powered by 4 pcs AAA battery, this smart tense units machines is a powerful, durable, and easy-to-use, no worry about the sudden shock.

Product Description

ROOVJOY TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

A happy life starts with no pain! Do Do you suffer from pain in your daily life? Are you looking for a device to help you solve the problem? TENS Unit is a drug-free, non-invasive, and home use device. It is a popular multi-functional pain relief machine, lifesaver of many customers. TENS Unit function main for muscle and joint pain relief, EMS for muscle shaping and increase muscle strength and PULSE MASSAGE for relieving muscle tension and fatigue.

User-friendly Design Large digital backlit LCD screen. Don’t need to worry about the dark. Clear to see and operate in almost any situation. The portable machine has 36 treatment modes. Mute or open the button sound as you wish, use it wherever without bothering your family.

Portable and Compact Independent and Dual Channels. The tens devices aim at muscle groups and joints in different parts of the body. Each treatment mode sets up a variety of pre-programmed combination therapies(Kneading, Rubbing, Tapping) for different parts of the body, greatly improving the treatment effect. This dual-channel electrode tens devices can be used with 4 pieces of electrodes pad. We provide 4 more free premium pads to replace.

Easy to Use The package includes all the necessary accessories. You can get a comfortable electronic massage on your body when you at home, work, or travel. With simple and convenient buttons, all operations can be completed with just one single hand. Do not worry about forgetting to turn off the TENS because it has an automatic shut off function.

Notes for using TENS; The tens machine is not suitable for pregnant women, hypertension patients, and people with pacemakers. This is a machine that is effective in body relaxation and we suggest you increasing the intensity gradually at your comfort. The TENS stimulators can also be used in clinical and OTC.

The Muscular Pain relief varies by the individual mode selected for therapy and the type of pain you are experiencing. In many people, the reduction or elimination of pain lasts longer than the actual period of stimulation (sometimes as much as three to four times longer).

Powered by 4 pcs AAA battery, this smart tense units machines is a powerful, durable, and easy-to-use, no worry about the sudden shock.

What is contained in the package;

1 device

2 pcs of lead wires

4 pcs AAA batteries

quick start guide

A pouch

instruction manual

12 pcs 2×2 self-adhesive reusable premium gel electrodes


Not suitable for pregnant women and hypertension patients, and not safe for people with pacemakers. Keep the stimulator out of reach of children. Contact us here


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