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Shoulder Support

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Shoulder Support

Shoulder Support and braces quicken the healing of shoulder injuries and protect against further damage. Our brands include Vulkan, Mueller and Donjoy who together bring the best designs and materials to aid shoulder rehabilitation in the form of shoulder supports, slings and braces.

For maximum support, the Donjoy Shoulder Stabiliser is the professional athlete’s choice. Used by the US Skiing team, it restricts lateral rotation and abduction of the shoulder, which together can lead to shoulder dislocation and shoulder subluxation. With adjustable movement control and a customisable fit, this brace is the one for contact sports.

Neoprene shoulder supports and straps are perfect where less support is required. The support and compression enhances proprioception and provides reassurance without restricting shoulder movement. The neoprene also creates therapeutic heat to ease pain and relive muscle spasms around the shoulder.

For collar bone injuries such as a fracture or acromioclavicular joint sprains then the Donjoy Universal Clavicle is the ideal immobilisation support to allow the AC joint to heal

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