Sports Ankle Support
Sports Ankle Support

Sports Ankle Support


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Sports Ankle Support

Sports Ankle Support enables one to stay comfortable and minimize pain during physical activity by enhancing the grip. Most Sports ankle support are lightweight and thin so you can wear them with many types of shoes. Sports ankle supports can help stabilize the joint to prevent twisting, rolling or another straining. Different colors and sizes of lightweight ankle support are available from our stores.You can choose your support for the ankle joint based on the level of support you need. Some ankle with strap can give you rigid control while still allowing you to a normal healthy range of motion. You can tie the strap loosely or as snugly as is comfortable for you.

Sprains and strain

a sprain occurs when there is an injury to the ligament supporting a joint. The most common sprains are ankles, knees, wrists, and thumbs. Symptoms of sprains are swelling, bruising, pain and sometimes loss of movement to the affected joint.

Should I wear an ankle support if I have a sprained ankle?

Ankle supports are the best treatment in the acute phase (first 3 weeks) of an ankle sprain. Research has shown that these braces combined with therapy and weight bearing will result in faster, stronger recovery. After the first 3 weeks, it is best to protect the ankle with a sports brace or taping for at least 3 months for athletic participation.

Why our Sports Ankle Support

Our range of ankle support also includes supports that are similar to a bandage or athletic tape but can be less bulky and more comfortable. Some braces can even help to support your arch for added relief. If you’ve suffered ankle injuries in the past, choose an ankle support that uses compression to reduce swelling and promote circulation.You can also find braces and supports for other joints and muscles in the aids to a daily living section of our home medical department. For your children, we have kids ankle supports in a range of smaller sizes.A good ankle brace supports the joints and constraints movement while it heals. … you choose the right brace for your type of injury. There are braces for various joints such as the elbow, shoulder, knee, back, and wrist. The most common braces are readily available from our shops.

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