Standard Wheelchair

Standard Wheelchair


Product Description

Standard wheelchairs are the most basic of the categories that self propulsion is an option. Standard wheelchairs are are compact and lightweight, making caregiver-assisted transport safe, convenient, and comfortable. Standard wheelchairs are intended for short term use and although seating systems can be added to the wheelchair this category isn’t often chosen for those who will be using a wheelchair on a regular basis. The advantages of the standard wheelchair is it is sturdy and inexpensive.

Standard Wheelchairs offer versatility, high performance and more comfortable ride for the users. These wheelchairs are durable, easy to maintain and provide enhanced function and positioning. They are fully customizable with various options which allow folding, built-in or removable arm rests, swing-away footrests, two large wheels, two small wheels in the front and push handles to allow non-occupants to propel the chair.

The quality of your life counts, and so does the quality of your manual wheelchair. Orthodynamic’s wheelchairs provide users, caregivers and suppliers peace of mind in terms of quality, dependability and ease of operation. Featuring steel or aluminium folding wheelchair frames, our manual wheelchair range is thoroughly tested to ensure a stable ride, making Orthodynamic products a name you can trust. folding manual wheelchairs provide comfort, support, and security for you and your loved one. Their folding frames collapse for easy portability and include options for the comfort of users and caregivers alike.

Why buy our Standard wheelchair?

1.Easy to fold

2.Low pricing

Order online or give us a call at 0705442020; our phone agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Reliable, high quality standard manual wheelchairs that accommodate a variety of needs.


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