Standing Aid (Adult)
Standing Aid (Adult)

Standing Aid (Adult)



Product Description

Description of Standing  aid and its usage

Standing  Aid department contains a wide range of standing aids from the very best manufacturers. Stand aids are designed to provide support and assistance to those having difficulty getting up into a standing position. In the selection below you’ll find standing aids for disabled and elderly users, mobile stand aids, folding stand aids and many others.If a person is able to bear some of their own weight for a short amount of time, there are various products to assist in transferring between bed, chair and toilet, for example, to move short distances, or to stand in a supported manner. As with any equipment used to move a person, careful professional assessment of the individual situation is required, to ensure that the most suitable choice is made.

We are a leading supplier of raising and standing aids designed to assist weight bearing clients to sit to stand transfer.

Vertical Standers-

The powered vertical stander on the right enables the user to stand with support for the arms, knees, hips and torso. The heights of the various support elements are adjustable to suit the individual.

A table completes the unit, with a cutout at the front for comfortable access to the work area.

Short distance transfer aids-

Combining a wheeled transporter with a turntable platform, these transfer aids offer an ideal solution where space is at a premium and where the client can adequately weight-bear.

You need to check that the base of the equipment is designed so that it can be placed close to the wheelchair, chair or toilet, removing the need for manual handling when moving the user back into the seated position.

Toileting aids-

A semi-standing aid, perhaps combined with a sling enables a user to be transferred and lowered onto a toilet more easily than using a conventional hoist, provided they are able to weight-bear sufficiently.


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