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Stethoscope Student

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This stethoscope is designed with high acoustic sensitivity and features a dual-sided chest piece as is commonly used among most nursing / medical schools. The diaphragm is tunable with a simple pressure change allowing students to listen to either low or high-frequency sounds without having to turn their chestpiece over for varying ranges.

ADSOFT ear tips provide a great seal around the ears for maximal acoustic sound and are designed to remain comfortable whenever they are worn. The chest piece is dual sided with a combination bell and diaphragm for both high and low range sounds.

A non chill bell/diaphragm rim ensures that patients remain comfortable and won’t be shocked by a cold, metal rim. The ADC 603 stethoscope comes with a lifetime warranty on the metal parts, so you’ll have a little more confidence in buying this device.

It features a two channel design with dual lumen tubing that starts at the chest piece for optimal acoustic channeling. The double sided chest piece with a bell / diaphragm combo allows this stethoscope to be used efficiently among adults, pediatrics and infants.

This stethoscope includes three different sizes of open bells and two different sizes of diaphragm. It also comes with two pairs of eartips  and a vinyl storage case for keeping your device clean and safe while you carry it around. All of the parts are designed to be latex-free in order to prevent allergies among users with a latex sensitivity.

stethoscope design

It is designed with lightweight parts so that it’s comfortable for the user to wear throughout their shift or class.

It is reinforced with a dual-leaf spring construction that doubles the durability of the materials while also allowing it to provide high quality sound performance.

With the introduction of the  Program, alumni were able to donate a stethoscope for a student . On the day when stethoscopes are handed out, donor cards are inserted at random into each stethoscope kit

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