Tena Slip Plus Diapers-Small (30 PCs, Unisex wrap around)

Tena Slip Plus Diapers-Small (30 PCs, Unisex wrap around)


Tena Slip Plus Diapers

Specifically developed for active users, the TENA Slip Active Fit Plus fits comfortably and securely to the body with a fast-acting core that rapidly wicks away moisture from the body.

Product Description

Tena Slip Plus Diapers-Small

TENA Slip Plus are supplied in a pack of 30 pads and offer all-in-one protection for moderate to heavy incontinence. To ensure high leakage security these pads have a comfortable design, soft materials and shaping elastic. For additional security, TENA Slip Plus is fitted with high-performance leakage barriers and offer optimum protection, whether the individual is standing, sitting or lying down. The pads also come fitted with an odour neutraliser that reduces the effect of ammonia odour, to offer the user a feeling of freshness and dignity. The wetness indicator on the pads shows when it is time to change, there is no need to open the product to find out whether it needs changing. The indicator on the outside of the incontinence pad simply changes from yellow to blue when it is time to change.

Product Specification:

  • One pack of 30 small TENA Slip Plus
  • Incontinence level: ¬†Moderate to Heavy
  • Provide all-in-one protection
  • Comfortable design
  • Soft materials and shaping elastic for high leakage security
  • Provides optimum protection
  • Odour neutraliser offering fresh feeling and dignity
  • Wetness indicator shows when the pad needs changing
  • Minimum hip circumference: 560mm (22″)
  • Maximum hip circumference: 850mm (33.5″)
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