Theraband (per meter)
Theraband (per meter)

Theraband (per meter)

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Theraband Grey Colour

Theraband are portable, inexpensive, and widely used to develop muscle strength and power. They provide variable resistance similar to chains, cams, and levers, and their design allows changes in the external load over a range of motions. The EB deformation curve is associated with increasing strength and tension values; i.e., the more the band is stretched, the greater the resistance to further elongation. Thus, EB use is an easy way to increase exercise intensity while avoiding the risk of excessive weight loading. Because of their elasticity and ability to return to their original size, EBs can also be used to decrease the resistance load, making it easier to surpass exercise sticking points (e.g., in the bench press and squat).

The total volume or external load of resistance exercises is calculated as follows: total number of repetitions performed (sets × repetitions) × the load used for each exercise (kg). It is difficult for health professionals involved in physical training, such as physiotherapists, physical educators, coaches, and personal trainers, to assess the exact load or tension of each EB exercise repetition because there is no visual indicator of tension and because the load changes as the extent of elongation of the EB changes (i.e., the total volume of the external load is not constant). An accurate estimation of the training load is of critical importance to athletes, patients, and the aforementioned health professionals, as it will improve exercise programs and minimize deleterious effects such as muscle and joint injuries.

Thera-Band® EBs are produced by the Hygenic Corp. (Akron, USA), the first major manufacturer and distributor of EB training products; many other companies that produce EBs have emerged recently). The purpose of this study was to determine the tension of the different-colored Thera-Band EBs (color corresponds to the resistance level) at 10 percentages of elongation and to compare the values obtained with the reference values provided by the manufacturer.


We measured the tension force of Thera-Band EBs with different widths as distinguished by the following colors: tan, yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver, and gold. Samples of the EBs were prepared at 0.5-m lengths in the resting state, with one end of the EB fixed to a tensiometer .

product description:

Theraband are exercise equipment made of latex or other elastic material to provide resistance for strength and coordination training during workouts or therapy sessions.
They may be used in addition to, or instead of dumbbells and weight machines.

Thera-Band accessories simplify the use of elastic bands and tubing. Exercise handles, door anchors, Assists and the Sports Handle easily connect to authentic Thera-Band elastic resistance products.

Increases the range of exercises that can be performed with bands and tubing. One end loops around an extremity, while the band/tubing is attached to the other end. This allows users with poor grip strength, like victims of arthritis, to use bands and tubings in training and rehab programs.

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