Toilet Raiser 4″
Toilet Raiser 4"

Toilet Raiser 4″


Product Description

Toilet Raiser, toilet seat risers, or raised toilet seats are assistive technology devices to improve the accessibility of toilets to older people or those with disabilities. Using a toilet can be difficult for anyone with reduced mobility or strength. Toilet seat raisers can help make the process easy by elevating the height of the toilet seat to reduce the effort required to sit down.

Going to the toilet is a very private matter and something people wish to do independently for as long as possible. But, for people with reduced strength and balance, sitting down on and getting up from the toilet is a common problem causing unsafe situations on a daily basis.

As such, these aids make transferring on and off the toilet and using it, simpler. By making visiting the bathroom less challenging, toilet seat raisers also encourage independence in elderly or disabled people.

Made from moulded plastic, toilet seat raisers are comfortable to use and simple to clean. They sit securely over the existing toilet.

By increasing the height of the toilet, sitting down and getting up becomes easier and safer for the user. Toilet raiser with lid is an easy and convenient means of making the existing toilet suitable for a safe situation again.

Toilet Raiser Features;

  • Easy to install, no tools needed
  • Fits most standard-size toilets
  • Increases the height of a toilet seat height by 4″ or 6”
  • Hygiene cutouts in front and back
  • Can be used with or without the lid
  • Can be used together with Armrests or Armrests with floor-support
  • Easy maintenance, clean with normal household detergent

The seat is made from an easy to clean plastic and has a gentle slope from back to front further assisting the lowering and raising of the user.

Toilet seat raisers help to increase the overall height of your toilet seat. They are secured to the top of the toilet bowl and come in a variety of heights. Some are available with lids or armrests. contact us here


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