Tummy trimmer
Tummy trimmer

Tummy trimmer



Product Description


Tummy trimmer helps tighten your waist, leg and arm, relaxing your shoulder. Core Sculpting exercises using exerciser pulley to avoid bunching/pinching your skin. Fat burning easily!


Tummy trimmer increases range of motion stretching. Reduce risk of injury warming up before playing sports and relieve post exercise aches and pains after exercise. Reduce stress and improve joint flexibility and mobility.


Workout in the privacy of your home, hotel room, office, or even outdoors. Workouts for Arms, Legs and Back, and can do seated Exercises. Improves Stretching and Flexibility.

Extend Length 50 cm to 165 cm product is made of environmental foam, and tube is made of NBR, which is healthy to body.

The exercises are very easy to do and can be done pretty much anywhere. You can lay flat on the ground and put your feet in the foot holds and grip the bar and basically do sit-ups to strengthen your stomach muscles. Or lay flat on your back and grip it the same way but lift your legs straight up in the air and then bring them to the floor to strengthen your legs. Or sit in a chair and do ¡°curls¡± with your arms to strengthen your arms.

It really can be a full body workout.

Brief Description

  • Pull up exerciser
  • Helps trim away that excess tire
  • simple,powerful exercise and requires only 30 minutes a day
  • Portable and light weight?
  • Flattens tummy in just a few days
  • Tightens hips and thighs
When waist trimmer belts aren’t being used according to manufacturer recommendations, a range of side effectsmay be experienced.
  • Generally Safe. Waist trimmers are considered to be relatively safe for use during activity and workouts. …
  • Dehydration. …
  • Compression. …
  • Skin Irritation.

Waist trimmers are considered to be relatively safe for use during activity and workouts. Most people that opt for such garments in an attempt to enhance their weight loss sessions don’t experience problems or health issues as a result of wearing the belt.

Since waist trimmers do produce some compression, it’s important to use such products according to manufacturer recommendations. Don’t exceed the number of hours suggested for daily use. Otherwise, you may experience some issues stemming from prolonged compression.

If you worry about the use of a waist trimmer belt or you suffer from a chronic medical condition, you may want to discuss the idea with a physician. Your doctor will make sure that the use of a waist trimmer belt is ok and that it’s not going to cause problems. Stick to the doctor’s recommendations concerning the number of daily use hours. Also, make sure that you’ve bought a quality trimmer belt that will help you lose fat without causing side effects.

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